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  • Hyginus Rille Formation

    Information on the formation of the lunar crater Hyginus, the Hyginus rille, a series of collapse pits along the rille, and what we identify as a blanket...
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  • Space Progress comes from Space Economy

    Space Progress comes from Space Economy

    The world has not returned humans to our Moon since the early 1970's. People say its too expensive, or too dangerous. Still others say there is a reason humans have not been sent back for if there was a reason we would have done so. Those people are correct.

    We have not gone back because no government or individual has come up with a good enough reason to go..., yet.

    Many think we should just go and pay for it anyway no matter the cost even if we do not earn a profit,...
    Solar Economy
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  • Lunar Lava Tubes

    Our Moon holds many areas of interest and choosing a base site for GSO LS-1 will take a significant amount of research to establish our eventual location....
    There are many areas that hold the potential for lunar lava tubes.
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  • Pressurized Environments

    Pressurized Environments

    Living in a pressurized environment can certainly have its drawbacks. Many critics of human space programs are quick to state the obvious difficulties of living and working in a pressurized environment. Some go even further to suggest that living in them for long periods of time would be impossible or extremely difficult with our current technology. They are only barely touching reality however, fixating on already known issues that have solutions and refusing to look at the larger picture.
    Pressure Chamber
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  • GSO Lunar Station One

    As a first goal, the Global Space Organization plans to construct GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1). This station we intend to 3D print using a mix of...
    GSO LS-1
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  • Oh Myyyy, Space is Dangerous

    Oh Myyyy, Space is Dangerous

    Solar and cosmic radiation, micro meteors, extreme pressure and temperature changes, long distances, closed environments and limited resources are what await our Global Space Organization crews as we plan for our GSO Lunar Station One.

    Many of these space hazards have been limited in their severity due to our newer technologies and advanced learning. Though these hazards still present a threat, today we know more about how to protect ourselves in outer space, which will allow us to...
    There are many hazards in space
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  • Food in Space

    Food in Space

    As the Global Space Organization extends its human reach out into deep space another fundamental concern that awaits us is our food. Caloric requirements for astronauts were created by the National Research Council using a formula for basal energy expenditure (BEE). For women, BEE = 655 + (9.6 x W) + (1.7 x H) - (4.7 x A), and for men, BEE = 66 + (13.7 x W) + (5 x H) - (6.8 x A), where W = weight in kilograms, H = height in centimeters, and A = age in years. In essence, we need to eat an average...
    From the Movie 2001 A Space Odyssey
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  • Gso eclss

    The GSO plans to develop its own in-house ECLSS based on global examples and life support, pressurized systems examples from submarines and aircraft....
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  • It begins with our Moon

    It begins with our Moon

    Every revolution begins with a vision. The revolution I speak of is in the governmental and commercial space sector. The Global Space Organization is preparing to change the way people think of human space progress and exploration. Today the global space industry is plagued by prohibitively high costs, unrealistic goals and poor management. Today with a budget continually in excess of 15 billion annually, NASA has performed very poorly in advancing human deep space goals since the Apollo program....
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  • GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1)

    GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1)

    In order to prepare for GSO LS-1, one must begin on Earth. The construction of GSO ES-1 begins in summer 2017.



    Statement of Vision

    To advance humanity, to the Moon and beyond.

    Statement of Mission

    As an institution that intends to send humans back out into deep space, The GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1) mission is to educate and develop our future crew members to become...
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