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  • Hyginus Rille Formation

    Information on the formation of the lunar crater Hyginus, the Hyginus rille, a series of collapse pits along the rille, and what we identify as a blanket...
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  • Oh Myyyy, Space is Dangerous

    Oh Myyyy, Space is Dangerous

    Solar and cosmic radiation, micro meteors, extreme pressure and temperature changes, long distances, closed environments and limited resources are what await our Global Space Organization crews as we plan for our GSO Lunar Station One.

    Many of these space hazards have been limited in their severity due to our newer technologies and advanced learning. Though these hazards still present a threat, today we know more about how to protect ourselves in outer space, which will allow us to...
    There are many hazards in space
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  • Gso eclss

    The GSO plans to develop its own in-house ECLSS based on global examples and life support, pressurized systems examples from submarines and aircraft....
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  • Leverage


    Today, robotic space mining, planetary probes and Earth orbital tourism are the main practical goals of our commercial space industry. Unfortunately they will progress slowly and not likely help advance humanity back out into deep space for another 2 or 3 decades.

    Our commercial and governmental space industry has forgotten that we have been launching small probes in space for samples and research since well before the Apollo program of the 1970's. We can certainly continue to do so,...
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