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  • Pressurized Environments

    Pressurized Environments

    Living in a pressurized environment can certainly have its drawbacks. Many critics of human space programs are quick to state the obvious difficulties of living and working in a pressurized environment. Some go even further to suggest that living in them for long periods of time would be impossible or extremely difficult with our current technology. They are only barely touching reality however, fixating on already known issues that have solutions and refusing to look at the larger picture.
    Pressure Chamber
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  • Water in Space

    Water in Space

    Global Space Organization will be researching a topic that will be very important in the near future. Our water use in space... Humans require approximately 2 quarts of water per day and more than that is needed of course for bathing, cooking, washing and also cleaning.

    Experiences on the ISS have shown, showering, washing clothes, dishes and water hygiene use can be very problematic. They have come up with some temporary solutions such as throw-away clothing, and sponge baths to make...
    Water will be used for creating oxygen and of course drinking
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  • Food in Space

    Food in Space

    As the Global Space Organization extends its human reach out into deep space another fundamental concern that awaits us is our food. Caloric requirements for astronauts were created by the National Research Council using a formula for basal energy expenditure (BEE). For women, BEE = 655 + (9.6 x W) + (1.7 x H) - (4.7 x A), and for men, BEE = 66 + (13.7 x W) + (5 x H) - (6.8 x A), where W = weight in kilograms, H = height in centimeters, and A = age in years. In essence, we need to eat an average...
    From the Movie 2001 A Space Odyssey
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  • Gso eclss

    The GSO plans to develop its own in-house ECLSS based on global examples and life support, pressurized systems examples from submarines and aircraft....
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