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    GSO ES-1: Node Requirements

    ES=1 Node One will comprise an outer layer 2 meters thick of Earth filled barriers, then an inner wall of formed smart bricks or concrete (lunar regolith will be used on the Moon) construction and a very lightweight inner pressurized bladder designed from layers of Kevlar or urethane-coated Vectran to hold shape and provide thermal stability and EVOH / Combitherm or other material to provide a gas barrier. Station Ceiling will be supported by 16 thermally resilient polymer I beams with layers of smart bricks 2 meters thick for radiation and micro meteor resistance. (Smart bricks can be formed on the Moon using lunar regolith and extracted sulfur used as a binder.)

    Internal Liner Dimensions
    • Radius: 6m or 19.7ft
    • Diameter: 12m or 39.4ft
    • Area: 113.097m or 371.05ft
    • Height: 3m or 9.84ft
    • Circumference: 37.7m or 123.7ft or 41.23 yards
    Total Dimensions, Exterior
    • Radius: 8.13m or 26.7ft
    • Diameter: 16.26m or 53.34ft
    • Area: 207.65 or 681.26ft
    • Circumference: 51.1m or 167.6ft or 55.66 yards
    Defensive Barrier Dimensions
    • Height: 2.21m or 7.3ft
    • Width: 2.13m or 7ft
    • Length: 2.13m or 7ft
    • Unit Length: 27.74m or 91ft
    Units of Hesco to cover Node One
    • 1.84 units or 2 units per node
    • 1 unit = 5+4+4 pieces for 13 pieces
    • 1.84 units = 24 pieces out of 26 total in 2 units
    • For extras use purchase 2 units per node
    • For each hall 1 unit
    • Total 8 units needed for full structure

    Click image for larger version  Name:	gso-blueprint.003.png Views:	1 Size:	746.2 KB ID:	182
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    Warwick Mills contact page for developing space inner liner for GSO LS-1.
    • Phone: 603 291-1000
    • Fax: 603 878-4306
    • Email:

    Warwick Mills, Inc.
    301 Turnpike Road
    PO Box 409
    New Ipswich, NH 03071

    Specialized Sales Corporation (SSC) for Urethane (Polyurethane, EU) coated materials for gas barrier.
    • Phone: 800.772.9644 / 949.752.0709

    1521 East McFadden Avenue, Unit E
    Santa Ana, CA 92705

    C&B Construction in Cottonwood, Arizona (General Contractor for Building)
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