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    In beginning a process towards development of a GSO modular-in house Environmental Control & Life Support System, I will begin posting logical groups of information that will help develop our plans & procedures.

    Design Requirements: (GSO Requirements for ECLSS)
    • Fully modular and adaptable to a variety of station segments or other habitable constructions
    • Designed to run stand alone and linked to multiple systems
    • Implementation of a minimum of 3 backup solutions should a system fail.
    • Simply designed so parts can be easily manufactured on location.
    • Networked on private, secured off-line servers for security.
    • Simply designed interface for ease of operational control & training

    Bacteria Control: (Bacteria is known to flourish in a lower gravity environment)

    Compounds known to limit bacterial growth include but are not limited to:Production or Extraction of Oxygen:
    • Oxygen Production through Electrolysis
    Filtration Systems:
    • Parts & Components
    Inflatable, Pressure Resistant Inner Layer
    ECLSS Consumables: (Plan for a triple supply line of consumables for every crew member.)
    • Our initial crew of 7 will have 3790 person days of consumables for a 6 month deployment
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