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    The Global Space Organization plans to construct its version of a lunar space station in the desert of Arizona come summer 2017. The station will be 3D printed using a custom construction 3D printer, printing in concrete. This will not be the only medium we plan to utilize. There are several options we intend to prepare for our eventual trip to the lunar surface. Some of the initiatives we would like to explore are forming lunar bricks, creating molds for lunar regolith, fabricating structures using microwave sintering and any other ideas proposed. If the construction of lunar habitats is what you are interested in, let us know of your ideas. We are looking for any and all data in the formation of buildings on the surface of the Moon that are easy to accomplish, simple in producing and that can withstand the hazards of living and working in space.
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    In this system and printing method, I think its important to point out that we will be printing using concrete in a manor never before used on Earth. The Microwave laser will be used to form a web like bonding within the concrete to give it form and strength until cured. While this is clearly in a development phase, we hope to be testing the method out in Arizona by 2018. I suspect that many of the contributing systems such as power and material distribution will also be developed out there in the coming year. Very Exciting!


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      Site specifics for GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1) with an initial build of 3 circular nodes and two corridors.
      Interior Diameter = 30 meters, Radius = 15 meters
      Exterior Circumference = 106 meters, Overall Radius = 17 meters
      Corridors = 10 meter lengths

      Exterior walls designed by 2.1x2.1x2.7 meter sections
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